Team: Abhishek Gaikar, Chinmay Girnakar, Kapil Hedaoo
Tug.social enables users to discover people around them at their favorite places in real time. With just a simple check-in user can now showcase their outgoing experiences, earn badges, rewards and know people around them.

Team: Ashutosh Mane, Jothi shree
Blabby is an ephemeral voice messaging app for people to send expressive, on the go voice messages in the most intuitive way possible, the way to use the app is so similar to talking on phone that users can feel just at home.

Team: Subashkumar Kathirvel, Aditya Deshmukh
MyEdmate is an education website which provides a platform for students and parents where they can find, compare, view micro details, locate, and view photos and reviews of education centers.

Posture Recognition System
Team: Limish John Mathew, Bharath Nair
Posture Recognition System (P.R.S.) is a wearable health care device which works as a muscle trainer to assist the user in identifying bad posture and rectifying it in real time.

Team: Mrunalinee Thakur, Vinita Sharma
Lotusians is an e-commerce multivendor website which provides a platform for people to buy and sell artworks and handicrafts.

Promotions Unlimted
Team: Lalit Mehta, Sukhdeep Jatt, Sreerag Varma, M. Shivapradeep (PCE)
Promotions Unlimited provides robust, compelling promotional solutions that create new connections and strengthen the existing relationships between brands and their target audiences.

Kenere Gruha Udyog
Team: Rohit Kenere (PHIMSR)
Kenere Gruha Udyog is a “bhadang” (spicy puffed rice) manufacturing unit.

Team: Babin P. Mathew, Thompson S. Thomas (PIMSR – MMS1)
Game Yard is a gaming lounge promoting games for game lovers with a unique gaming setup

Team: Mayur Kachare & Hardik Navadhare
Super Kid is a mobile app designed for kid of age group of 8-16 years old to help them to learn and explore how to make creative and innovative gadgets, toys and robots on their own.