About the Business Plan Competition

The Business Plan Competition was initiated by the Pillai Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the year 2015 as a platform for budding student entrepreneurs to come together and build a successful business from scratch. A grand prize of Rs. 1 lakh has been awarded to the winner of the competition since its inception in 2015. We are proud of the fact that many of the companies that have taken part in our competition have gone on to become highly successful businesses.

Objectives of the Competition

  • To foster an entrepreneurial culture and environment in the Pillai Campuses.
  • To provide a platform for generating ideas, and pursue them from ideation to fruition.
  • To impart training to students who are interested in pursuing entrepreneurship as a career opportunity.
  • To arrange networking opportunities with important stakeholders (mentors, investors and advisers) in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • To nurture and mentor startups to set up successful businesses.

Learnings through participation in the Business Plan Competition

  • Identify problems that can become business opportunities.
  • Conduct market research to study business feasibility.
  • Attend legal and accounting workshops and learn the frameworks and structures of businesses.
  • Develop communication and presentation skills.
  • Create Prototypes and apps.
  • Develop business models and write formal business plans.
  • Receive mentorships for fostering business from ideation to fruition.
  • Learn to work in teams.
  • Free usage of facilities in the Campus (Maker studios/co-working spaces/component libraries/laboratories).

Steps and Stages of the Competition

Fill in the BUSINESS PLAN REGISTRATION FORM and register for the competition by 25th September 2021

Submit your ideas (maximum three ideas) in the BUSINESS PLAN IDEA SUBMISSION FORM by 5th October 2021

There will be five rounds in the competition after the registration process is completed.

First Round – One on One discussion on the ideas submitted with the mentors of PCIE (Tentative date – 11th October 2021)

Second Round – Teams are expected to present a rough prototype/structure as well as a website/social media presence for the business. (Tentative Date – 15th November 2021)

Teams are shortlisted on the basis of viability and scalability of the business idea for the quarterfinals.

Third Round – Quarterfinals for the competition will be conducted and teams are shortlisted for the semi-final round. – (Tentative Date – 15th December 2021)

Shortlisted Semi-finalists are required to provide an update of their business. (Tentative Date – 15th January 2022)

Fourth Round – Semi-finals for the competition will be conducted and teams will have to have a pitch deck along with the financials of the business proposed. (Tentative Date – 10th February 2022)

Fifth Round – 5 to 7 teams will progress to the grand finale for a prize of Rs. 1 lakh where the teams will be judged for the prototype, viability of the business, progress in setting up the proposed business among others (Tentative Date – 1st March 2022)

For rules and regulations about the competition please visit here.