YearCompany's NameTeamService Description
2018-19Indian HybridKetan Naresh Jain, Deepesh Narendra Chitale, Harshita Jagannath Pujari

BetmountChirag Obhan, Dhruv Phulsundar, Pankaj Rane, Rushikesh Chavan, Kumar Thevar, Sanjay Mujhat

Betmount is a social platform where users socialise and earn rewards by betting on sports using virtual money known as toffees. Betmount rewards its users with exclusive coupons in exchange of these toffees.

2016-17ALO StayIndrajit Sing, Amey Shah (PHCET)

ALO Stay is the first online hotel booking platform in India that allows a customer to book rooms in terms of hours and decide the time of check-in and check-out.

2015-16CARMOJOSaurabh Kadam, Shubham Thakare, Zeeshan Kazi (PCE, New Panvel)

CarMojo is an after sales vehicle service which provides the best in class maintenance service to car owners which includes all types of vehicle severing, maintenance and heavy repairs.